2013/14 Events 

 Below is a list of all the Events that we will be considering for the 2013/14 season.  Dates and Locations are subject to change.

October 12th:   Out Door Clinic with Chris Keesler and Jay Ingram somewhere in Fort Wayne, IN

October 13th:   Bells Meet, New Haven, Indiana (Great Lakes Speed League)

October 20th:   Mount Morris Michigan (MRSO) 

November 10th:   Wolverines Meet, Roseville, Michigan (Great Lakes Speed League)

November 17th:   Roll arena Midland MI (MRSO)

December 15th:   Light Speed Meet, Aurora, Illinois (Great Lakes Speed League)

January 17-19th:   Palm Beach Challenge, Florida (America's Cup Invitational)

January 19th:  Mount Morris MI (MRSO)

February 9th:   Orbit Meet, Palatine, Illinois (Great Lakes Speed League)

February 16th:   Roll Arena Midland MI (MRSO)

March 9th:   Illini Meet, Danville, Illinois (Great Lakes Speed League)

March 16th:  Skate World Troy, MI (MRSO)

March 28-30th:   Tampa Classic, Florida (America's Cup Invitational)

April 12th:   Dome Meet, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Great Lakes Speed League) 

April 13th:   Outdoor Dome Meet, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Great Lakes Speed League)

April 18th:  Mount Morris MI (MRSO)

April 18-20th:   Sparkles Spring Fling, Atlanta Georgia (America's Cup Invitational) 

May 4th:   Wisconsin Meet, Watertown, Wisconsin (Great Lakes Speed League)

May 18th:  Rollarena Midland MI (MRSO)

May 17-18th:   Great Lakes Regional Championships (Indoor National Championships Qualifier)

May 28-June 6th:   Outdoor National Championship, Colorado Springs Colorado (World Team Tryouts)

July 19-25th:   Indoor National Championships, Lincoln Nebraska

Aug 25-Sept 6:   Outdoor World Championships - Location TBD

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