2015/16 Events 

 Below is a list of all the Events that remain for the 2016/17 season. 

October 2:  GLSL Race New Haven, IN

November 20:  MRSO Race - Midland, MI

November 27-29:  Thanksgiving Invatational, Greensburo, NC

December 28-Jan 3:  Florida Training Clinic - Miami

January 15: MRSO Mount Morris, MI

January 14-16:  Emerald Coast Challenge: Milton, Florida

February 12:  GLSL Race Anderson, IN

February 17: Blue Ridge Challenge: Roanoke VA

February 19:  Squiggy Classic Skate Marathon Tampa FL

February 19: MRSO Troy MI

March 4-5:  GLSL Christal Lake, IL

March 19: MRSO Midland, MI

March 19:  Metrodome Inline Marathon, MN

March 17-19:  Battle in Seattle - Tacoma, SA

March 25-26:  Orlando Classic Florida

April 2: GLSL Aurora, IN

April 9:  Menifee Inline Half Marathon

April 14-16:  Texas RoadRash Marathon

April 14-16:  Easter Invitational North Carolina 

April 16: MRSO Midland MI

April 22:  Salt Lake City Marathon

April 22:  Walk & Roll Chicago

May 21:  MRSO State Meet Midland MI

May 26-June 4:  USARS Outdoor National Championships

June 17:  Apostle Islands Inline Marathon: Madeline, WI

June 17-18:  USARS Great Lakes Regional Championships

July 9:  Laval Inline Skate Marathon

July 15-22:  USARS Indoor National Championships

July 23:  Chicago Inline Marathon

August 5:  Minnesota Half Marathon

August 5-6:  NIRA, Atlanta, GA

September 17: North Shore Inline Marathon, Duluth, MN

September 23:  Berlin Marathon - Belin Germany

September 24:  NYC Skate Marathon 100K, New York City, NY

October 7:  Athens to Atlanta

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