We are excited to be back skating again!  We are holding Regular weekday practices on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays for current team members at our newly owned Tarry Hall Roller Rink in Grandville, MI.  Check the calendar for dates and times

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So proud of my West Michigan Wolverines speed team today!!!! Congratulations team, you all skated amazing and I’m so proud of each of you!

Today November 20, 2022 we hosted a speed skating competition! Doors opened at 9:00AM & the race action began at 10:00AM. We had speed skaters from all over the state come over for a fun day of some awesome racing!
Today, our Wolverines were the overall high point trophy winners!
Have you ever thought about inline speed skating? Come check it out!! Every Saturday morning from 8:00AM-10:00AM we hold
open, drop in, speed skating practices taught by World Class speed skaters & former USA World Team members!
Many of today’s USA Ice Speed Skating Olympians were once inline speed skaters & some were even teammates with our current coaches!
How cool is that?!
Saturday morning practices are open to anyone, any age, any ability! If you want to learn how to speed skate come on out and join in the fun! Practice is $5.00 per person. You need your skates, a bicycle helmet and need to bring a pair of clean gym shoes for our off-skate warm ups!
For any questions please email us at
Congratulations To Coach Jenny and BJ and Heather and Dave on purchasing Tarry Hall Roller Rink!  We are super excited for what the future holds!

Wolverines bring a fight and fire that are matchless! Wolverines Pride & Tradition are both timeless and proven, year after year and this time....all the way to the tippy top, to the Olympic Games!! Not just one, not two but three, Jessica Smith, Kelly Gunther & Jilleanne Rookard, you are the definitions of Champions! Way to go ALL of you, we're all so proud of you! 

We would like to thank everyone for your support last season.  To all the skaters, parents and family;  thank you from the bottom of our heart for the greatest season we have had in 25 years of coaching.  Your compassion and support has been a blessing to our family. See you all next year.

God Bless
BJ & Jenny

The name of the facility is Tarry Hall Roller Rink in Grandville, MI.  

The website is 

Wolverines are taking over the Olympic team!  Congrats Jill, Kelly, Jessica, Theresa & Josh!  Way to show what it means to be a true Wolverine! 

Coach Jenny at the 2011 World Championships in Korea 

Click the link below to get to our associate club in Detroit 

About Us

Wolverines are the only competitive inline speed skating team in Michigan with coaches and athletes, both, who have competed at the World Championships, won multiple National and International championships. Our program has many Regional & National Champions and we continue to strive for excellence today. Our program is for anyone, any age & any ability, whether you're just a recreational skater, a fitness skater, a local competitor, national competitor even all the way up to an Olympic level. The Wolverines speed team is where you will learn the most, grow the most, and to be the best you can be!

Want to know what it is like to Be an Inline Speed Skater? 

Watch Below 

Check our Calendar for all practice days & times

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