Member Info:

$5 per person Practice Fee (1st practice is 100% free)

$25 Yearly Club Fee

$20 t-shirt Fee (optional)

$60 Uniform Fee (optional)

Coaches Fees:

Recreation/Fitness: $20/month

MRSO Level: $25/month

GLSL Level: $30/month

Regional & National Level: $35/month

Large Family Rates Avail.

Race fee's are based on the event & only required if you choose to race

$12 : MRSO Events (Entry level meets in Michigan only)

$20+$7 : GLSL Event (Intermediate level held in the 5-state region) $20 for your first event and $7 for each event after the first.

$75+ : Invitational (Experienced level)

$80 USARS Yearly Member Fee (Required to participate in GLSL and higher

Great Lakes Regional Championships:

Entries estimated $150

National Championships:

Entries estimated $300


Member Packets are available upon request.  Email us at to get a Team Packet.  


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